About Laura

Thanks for stopping in!

I am so grateful that you are considering working with me to tackle your anxiety. 

So often, the fit or 'click' between patient and therapist really is a magical catalyst that makes way for bold willingness and radical, sustained improvement. Let's do it!

If you're wondering who I am... 

I'm just a therapist who gets an energized, tingly sensation from helping people slay the fears that limit them in life!

Beyond that, I'm a wife and mother of 2 young children, and we live in the East Metro of the Twin Cities, MN. I grew up in New England and  went to Holy Cross and Assumption (both in Worcester, MA).  I'm an avid baker and adventurous home cook; my particular passion is making foods we all love entirely from scratch - including crackers, bagels, maple syrup, caramels, seasoning blends, hummus and butter! I enjoy fruit and vegetable gardening, love to rewatch my favorite show (30 Rock) and to sit in the sun with my eyes closed while listening to the sweet sounds of my kids annoying the crap out of one another. 

Professionally, I have been a therapist for more than 10 years, and a telehealth provider since 2019. I've worked in behavioral health clinics, community mental healthcare and residential care. I've had the honor and privilege to work with individuals facing a broad range of mental health concerns, and have found that my best work - and my patients' best outcomes - come from the times when I have assisted patients with anxiety using my special concotion of Exposure with Response Prevention, Acceptance and Committment Therapy and Motivational Interviewing... did I just completely lose you with that therapist speak? Pop on over to the 'services' page for more detail. 

My absolute favorite thing to do in therapy is to draw back the curtain that makes therapy so mysterious. I LOVE to share with my clients the reasons why I am offering the help I am, how the therapy process & interventions work. I actively work to teach clients how they can start to implement those same strategies for themselves, and continue to do so long after our work together. In my opinion, a big part of my job is to work myself out of a job with each of my clients. I can't wait to help you understand yourself more deeply via this lens. 

To view my Minnesota Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) license, please visit the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health: 


You can search by my name, or by my license number which is LPCC 1252. 

To view my Massachusetts Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) license, please visit my verification page on the Massachusetts Board of Allied Health Professionals site:


To view my Connecticut Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) license, please visit the State of Connecticut Professional License lookup site:


You can search by my name, or by my license number which is LPC 7276.

If the fear of missing out on life the life you want is finally greater than the fear of trying something new; you are in right place!