Laura Schulke, MA, LPCC

Telehealth Psychotherapist specializing in anxiety including: 

worry, illness anxiety, phobias, OCD, panic and more


It's good to see you here, thanks for coming by! I help people unlink from looping worries, stop suffering from body based anxiety (panic, tension, stomach and sleep problems) and get out of their heads and connected to their lives. Have a look around, and see if we are a fit for the work you want to do. I welcome you to contact me with any questions you have. I look forward to hearing from you. 


You're here because you are



You can't stand worrying over every single thing to the detriment of your connection with the parts of your life that really matter to you

You are tired of making social plans with the people you care about, only to cancel them hours before the meetup for lame reasons

You are over the sleeplessness, stomach problems, and general inflexibility that your anxiety causes you

You are fed up with the constant body scanning you have to do to avoid panic attacks

You are frustrated by, embarassed or ashamed of the hoops your OCD mind makes you jump through to feel safe and okay

You're struggling to be comfortable in your own body, due to your worry about your health and feeling scared of sensations in your body

Know that you are in the right place...


and I am here to help you!

Specialized therapy, with the use of acceptance and exposure techniques, has been proven to improve symptoms and help you learn the skills to decrease your anxiety     for good.


Whats the 'special sauce' here? Why would I work with you over all the other therapists I've found online? 

(PS: This is a great question, and one that you ABSOLUTELY should pose to any therapist you're considering. Your new therapist should be able to rock your world with their reply to this question)

So, I'll tell you! Effective, lasting, even curative care for anxiety includes helping you 

Change your relationship with your anxious thoughts

Right now, your anxiety barges in and pushes you around. It punches you in the gut, runs your mind in circles and drains your energy. What if I told you that exposure and acceptance therapy could help you allow your anxious thoughts to arrive without freaking out, or even flinching?  Over time, your anxious thoughts will show themselves out. Byeeeee! 

Metacognitive and acceptance therapy will help you see that anxious thoughts are not so damn special - they're just regular thoughts - but they're cloaked in some scary layers that we can strip away. Once we strip them of their special powers, your anxiety will never be the same again.

After exposure therapy, your WORST anxiety will be exactly as arresting as spontaneously remembering that you need to grab some paper towels the next time you're at the store. How transformative would that be?! Ready for a deep dive? Head on over to the Services page to read more in depth about the specialized types of therapy I offer. 

And IMPORTANTLY, I will help you learn how to implement these strategies independently and long term. You will learn how to manage your anxiety without me before our work is done. 

A lot of therapists say they treat anxiety, but you're looking for an anxiety expert. You've found her.

Anxiety is so tricky, because the precise things you do every day to decrease your anxiety are actually making it worse over time. It's even possible that you've learned skills in therapy that are worsening things! Let's push past momentary relief and give you the experience and mindset you need to graduate from an anxious life!

If you're feeling unsure, let's talk. 

Perhaps therapy scares the crap out of you. Perhaps you've tried therapy for your anxiety and it didn't really help that much. Perhaps you know you want to eventually take the bold step of reorienting to your anxiety, but want to do that from the security of a well-established relationship with your therapist. Heck, maybe you even just want to hear my voice and see me on video to see if we click. If it's any of that, or anything else...

All appointments offered via telehealth; including video, phone and live text based sessions per patient preference and appropriateness. Laura is licensed in Minnesota, Massachusetts and Connecticut - all appointments must take place when the client is physically located in Minnesota, Massachusetts or Connecticut

Phone: 651-321-4757


(please do not email personal health information)

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