Laura treats adults (18+) in Minnesota & Massachusetts, and specializes in anxiety including: worry, illness anxiety, phobias, OCD, panic and more.

Laura uses several types of evidence based treatment approaches:

Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP)

cutting the link from your triggers to your anxiety by learning to accept some short term distress

Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT)

change repeating patterns in your life by targeting thoughts, emotions and behaviors 

Acceptance and Committment Therapy (ACT)

working to accept reality and reorient to distress by aligning yourself with your values - choosing your reactions, versus letting anxiety run the show

Motivational Interviewing

exploring why you avoid, feel ambivalent or resist doing the things that could help - and harnessing your motivation for change  

Problem Solving Therapy (PST)

improving your ability to cope with life's stressors

Metacognitive Therapy (MCT)

seeing your internal experiences and thoughts as your lens on the world - and working to refine the view to something more functional for you

Laura expertly combines these research-backed, data-driven approaches to help you shift from anxious to evolved. While it may sound far-fetched; the act of accepting your distressing thoughts is key! 

As you likely know, exposure therapy is often the gold standard of treatment for anxiety. Exposure challenges your anxious mind to accept the information that your avoidance has protected you from. 

When you work to see your anxious thinking as just that -  a simple relay of synapses in your mind - it allows you to question your anxiety at its core.  

When you begin to see your anxious thoughts as a protective guess from your caveman brain, and that, in fact your inner caveman is mistaken... your anxiety is never, ever the same again. You gain great power when you begin to show your anxiety irreverence; and stop letting it direct your life. 

Specialized anxiety therapy is why you're here! Even if you aren't fully sold on this 'accept some distress' thing...

Session Types Include:

Initial Intake Session  (always done via video)

Ongoing Sessions: Video via secure video chat technology

Ongoing Sessions: Phone via traditional or secure VOIP app

Ongoing Sessions: Live Text (assessment for appropriateness needed) via secure messaging platform

Offering standard and extended session lengths 

Have you ever found yourself just getting settled in a session, and starting to feel your therapist beginning to wrap up the session? Do 45 minute sessions tend to fly by before you're ready to end? Does your anxiety make it hard to access clinical content in less than an hour? Do you prefer to practice a new skill in session before being sent home to try it as "homework"?

For these reasons, Laura offers 3 session lengths, which can be booked at any time throughout your care:

45 minute sessions 

60 minute sessions

90 minute sessions

for cost considerations, see the 'Investment' page