Start with a free 15 minute consultation

All prospective clients are invited to book a 15 minute non-therapeutic get-to-know-you call with Laura to discuss goals, needs, the process of therapy, Laura's approach and any questions that you may have. 

Book your video intake session

ALL first sessions/assessments are conducted via video; and last 50-55 minutes. You will be invited to share what brings you to therapy, and then we will discuss your personal and health history, the symptoms/concerns you are experiencing and your goals for our work.

Continue via video, phone or messaging sessions

Ongoing sessions are usually held weekly, and are 45 to 60 minutes in length. Once we establish our treatment plan (usually the main topic of the second session) we will begin the therapeutic process and strive together toward your goals.

Laura's expertise, education and experience include the use of the following therapeutic approaches:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Exposure with Response Prevention

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Problem Solving Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Metacognitive Therapy

Hang on though...

Are you interested in a more flexible or tailored approach? Perhaps you've mostly met your therapy goals but need help to keep it up, or maybe weekly sessions doesn't offer the support you most need. Maybe it would be best for you to meet once a month for 2 hours, or perhaps you really want a therapist to check in with you for 10 minutes via text every day. If you're wanting a personalized schedule, let's talk about what's best for you!

Ending Therapy

When you have reached your goals, we will work together to prepare to end your episode of therapy by creating a plan to help you maintain your gains and to flourish! Maintenance sessions are offered whenever needed.